About Gilmore Braes Heritage Beef

Ithaca, one of our pure Scottish Highland breeding cows.


       We sell our beef at..... 

                 also known as


Held at Exhibition Park in Canberra or 'EPIC '

Manda attends the farmers market with their Scottish Highland beef each Saturday morning, adding another 

                                                                                 friendly smiling face from Batlow to the                                                                                       Farmers' Market experience.

                                    The market runs from 7.30 am to 11.30 am .

                        Manda will accept orders from customers for even the most 

                        unusual cuts, example whole beef shank, brisket, girelle, 

                        ribs (short or long cut) or an amazing meal such as a Rib Eye roast.                                                                    

                                     Any orders for beef are welcome by email or phone.    


           Your order can be collected from EPIC Farmers Market on Saturday morning.                                                                          

Our little piece of paradise in Batlow.

                                         Our little piece of paradise in Batlow.