Consumer surveys show that there is great difficulty purchasing beef to the quality we desire, be that from producers' markets, your local butcher or the major supermarkets.

Meat quality CANNOT be determined by appearance or price.

MSA grading is based upon a consumer sample testing to discover the level of 'quality' preferred, referring to tenderness, flavour and juiciness.

This was done with 567,280 individual samplings - the largest survey of it's kind ever undertaken.

The eating quality of our beef is important to us, so with that in mind we, Gilmore Braes Heritage Beef, have registered with the MSA quality guarantee system which involves grading the eating quality of each of our carcasses.

We aim to guarantee our customers' satisfaction.

MSA is a grading system which accurately predicts the eating quality of individual carcasses and cuts. This system is extensive and includes testing for - 

the level of marbling in the meat, which affects flavour and juiciness,

the 'ossification' of cartilage turning to bone, a much more accurate indicator of physiological age and lifestyle of the animal,

the pH of the meat, affecting eating quality,

the meat colour, an indicator of stress or other lifestyle issues which will affect eating quality,

as well as 13 other indicators, all contributing to an MSA grade 1 to 18 (1 being the best). We are very proud of the low scores we consistently achieve.

By understanding the factors that affect the eating quality of our beef, we as farmers are able to manage our practices to reduce the variability of our beef quality.

Gilmore Braes Heritage Beef aims for known and consistent eating quality of our beef.